POG Precision Optics Gera



POG Precision Optics Gera develops, produces and distributes client-specific, precision optical components and systems for applications covering the entire spectral range.

Founded in 1991, POG's product portfolio varies from conventional precision optical components and microstructures to complex optical and optoelectronic systems that are utilized in machine vision & lighting, metrology, industrial image processing, medical, sports optics and military applications.
Owing to the high quality standard and competitiveness of our products and services,
POG has won a worldwide reputation as a technology company leveraging valuable partnerships with research institutions in Germany and abroad.

Markets and customers

We develop and produce our products primarily for industrial clients with applications in the following demanding fields:

Quality & Certification

Since 1999 POG is ISO 9001 certified for the areas development, production and distribution of precision optical components, modules and devices from UV to IR.


Our R&D department has close working relationships with research institutions and universities in the region:

POG is a founding member of OptoNet e.V., the Thuringian network of competence in the field of Optical Technology.

We are member of SPECTARIS - the German industry association for the high-tech industry.


POG exports more than 60% of its total turnover to more than 30 countries. These vital regions/countries include:


Our staff is our most precious capital. POG employs 160 engineers, skilled workers and professional trainees. The average age is 42 years. We continually invest in the future of our company: We train young people for professional life and thereby create our own highly qualified & skilled workforce. We relentlessly invest in our employees as a key to our continued success.