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Relocation completed
POG Precision Optics Gera at its new site

Optical fab moved into a new building 10km eastern of Gera

POG Precision Optics Gera has completed a methodical relocation to its new facility in Löbichau January 18th 2019.  A stream of nearly 200 trucks have made steady deliveries since November 2018 to the new business park located just off the autobahn A4.  Specialists from more the 20 companies have been carefully packing, removing and reinstalling countless complex systems and sensitive metrology.  Production operations for optic manufacturing, system assembly and microstructuring are resuming as planned.  Business offices have been open since January 2nd for undisrupted service to customers.

Jan Schubach, one of the directors, mentioned:  “In total, we have invested almost 11 million Euro in reconstruction, improved infrastructure and new manufacturing facilities. As a result, we are well-positioned for future, continued growth. The relocation went smoothly as the entire staff came together to bring operations back sooner than expected.”

The company decided to purchase a former commercial printing house in spring 2017 after 25 years in the business park on Keplerstraße in Gera. Following 18 months of careful planning and coordination with contractors and facilities engineers, POG Precision Optics Gera has approximately 110.000 square feet available for manufacturing, development and administration.  The increased manufacturing area is needed for growth, especially in optical systems for metrology, semiconductor industry and space-based applications.

The staff of 161 employees and 18 trainees have been following with anticipation the company’s relocation and are thrilled with improved conditions, spacious offices / manufacturing areas and the company’s in-house restaurant!  The company remains closely linked to the city Gera as this is where the majority of staff call home.  Partnerships with Gera’s schools and local suppliers will continue.
But this will now extend to the nearby regions of Schmölln, Altenburg and West Saxonia as new contacts were established to increase the pool of potential trainees necessary for growth.

New POG facility


New Head of Development joins POG Precision Optics Gera.

Dr. Stefan Müller-Pfeiffer has been named the Head of Research and Development at POG Precision Optics Gera, a photonics technology company located in Thuringia, Germany, on January 1st 2019.  He leads a team of optical designers, engineers, coating scientists and technicians who are responsible for the development of custom optical systems for a variety of applications including metrology, semiconductor processing, life sciences and aerospace.

Dr. Stefan Müller-Pfeiffer, a physicist by training, undertakes the position previously held by Aleksander Wlodarski, one of the founders of POG and leader of the R&D group since 1991.  Mr. Wlodarski will remain to support Dr. Müller-Pfeiffer and the R&D team during the transition through the end of 2019 before retiring.

Dr. Müller-Pfeiffer brings to POG a rich and diverse background in research and industry from previous academic and commercial experiences.  He has previously worked at research centers in Darmstadt, Jülich and Jena.  This was followed by positions within Zeiss’ innovation center and micro-electronics group. Since 2002, he has worked at Jenoptik Optical Systems – first, as a project manager, and most recently as Senior Expert for Development.  He was responsible for high-end microscopes and semiconductor technologies.

The appointment of Dr. Müller-Pfeiffer will broaden POG’s expertise in optical system design and will also help open strategic opportunities for POG as an independent supplier of sophisticated optics.  He joins at a pivotal time as POG begins 2019 in a new facility, with increased production capacity and a host of new manufacturing equipment.  Combined, Dr. Müller-Pfeiffer and the modern infrastructure set the stage for sustainable, future growth.

Dr. Stefan Müller-Pfeiffer



Room to grow – POG is moving!

A new era will break for POG Precision Optics Gera with the turn of the year! We collect our 26 years of memorable and productive corporate history at Gewerbepark Keplerstraße in Gera into boxes, crates & moving vans. We are relocating our entire organization to our new corporate headquarters in Löbichau during Advent through New Year’s holidays.

We settle into a substantially larger, more modern office space for our 160 employees. Our new manufacturing area includes expanded facilities for optical production & metrology with enlarged clean room areas for microstructuring and optical systems assembly. Our investment extends well beyond infrastructure. POG is also adding new manufacturing and metrology equipment – particularly for the development and manufacturing of optical systems.

Our new facility is conveniently located just off Autobahn 4, approximately 10 km east of Gera.

Beginning January 2, 2019, you may reach us at our new address and new phone number – Find our new location and our contact persons.