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Customized Microstructures


We are your partner for sophisticated, customized optical microstructures.

POG will work with you to develop and engineer your ideas into manufacturable microstructure solutions. You can rely on our experience and technology to advance your application from prototype to production throughout a wide range of industries including:

Machine Vision

Microstructures by POG are used in a variety of precision metrology and non-contact applications. Calibration targets are used for calibrating inspection & vision systems while resolution targets are essential for optimizing their performance.



Eyepiece micrometer scales and stage micrometers are essential for calibration and standardization of microscopes. For accurate determination of dimensional details we offer scale graticules and glass scales.


Medical Engineering

Microstructures are important for equipment in medical engineering. Pinhole apertures on glass are valuable in filtering stray light in fiberscopes and small imaging systems. Customized reticles also aid in medical application where precision is critical.


Sports & Military Optics

Our reticles are found in the telescopic sight, binoculars, ranging and spotting scopes of the world's leading sports and military optics manufacturers. These products have come to rely on POG's attention to detail and craftsmanship to ensure their high performance.


Aerospace & Defense

Durability and accuracy in unpredicable environments are key in defense, security and aerospace appliactions. POG uses specialty materials for substrates and coatings that are required to perform under robust conditions. We pattern microstructures on a variey of optical glasses, ceramics and UV & IR materials.

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