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Eyepiece Micrometers

Eyepiece micrometer scales can be integrated in standard microscope eyepieces. Calibration is possible by using stage micrometers. The procedure is descibed below.

Eyepiece Micrometer Scale 10:100

graticule diameter in mm Item No.
Ø 26.5 h8 10008.03.113
Ø 26.0 h8 10008.03.136
Ø 21.0 h8 10008.03.137
Ø 20.5 h8 10008.03.114
Ø 19.0 h8 10008.03.145

Eyepiece Micrometer Scale 5:200

graticule diameter in mm Item No.
Ø 26.5 h8 10008.03.115
Ø 26.0 h8 10008.03.138
Ø 21.0 h8 10008.03.139
Ø 20.5 h8 10008.03.116
Ø 19.0 h8 10008.03.146

Eyepiece Micrometer Scale 2 x 10:100

graticule diameter in mm Item No.
Ø 26.5 h8 10008.03.117
Ø 26.0 h8 10008.03.140
Ø 21.0 h8 10008.03.141
Ø 20.5 h8 10008.03.118
Ø 19.0 h8 10008.03.147


Procedure of Calibration of Eyepiece Micrometer Scale

Calibration must be performed for each magnification.

Repeating several times, a distance on the eyepiece micrometer scale (as long as possible) should be compared with the stage micrometer in the object plane. The number of scale divisions on the stage micrometer which covers the fixed line spacing on eyepiece micrometer scale is determined.

Calibration describes that distance in object plane which is represented by one interval of eyepiece micrometer scale. This so-called scale value x´ is calculated by:

x´ = x*n/n´

x = interval of stage micrometer

n = number of scale divisions of stage micrometer

n´ = number of scale divisions of eyepiece micrometer


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