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Optical Coatings

Production and testing of high quality thin film optical coatings

Our range includes both conventional standard coatings in accordance with DIN 58197 and also high quality special coatings for specific purposes.

The coatings capabilites listed here are intended to provide insight into our customary product offerings. We also welcome custom coating opportunites that meet your more challenging requirements. We use the latest coating and sputtering systems including the LEYBOLD SyrusPro with plasma ion-assisted deposition and VON ARDENNE CS400S Sputter System.

For more detailed information see our POG coating catalog.


Anti-reflection coatings
Reflective coatings
Beam splitting coatings
Chrome coatings

Testing equipment

Transmission, Reflection, Absorption
Humidity & Temperature Change
Abrasion Resistance & Adhesion
Please contact us for any questions regarding the specification of your parts or for a quotation according to your special requirements.

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