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Solution Examples

Below you find examples of optical systems designed and produced by POG in cooperation with our customers.

Industrial measurement equipment

Confocal 3D-measurement system

The 3D-Scanning-System enables non-contact measurement of object geometries in nearly real-time. The system is the result of a collaborative effort between POG and the University of Ulm‘s Institute for Laser Technology in Medicine and Measurement Technique (www.ilm-ulm.de).
A typical application is the exact measurement of tooth geometries in dentistry and orthodontics. High measurement speed, very large aspect ratio and easy handling (the scanner is simply waved over the object) make the scanner an excellent tool for a wide range of 3D measurement applications.
Its flexible design allows for customization of the system to your specific scanning & form-factor needs. Please contact us to learn more about a customized solution.

Further applications include:

Specifications of a typical configuration:

  • 25 µm in x-y
  • 5 µm in z


  • 1-5 ms single-shot-measurement with max. resolution in z
  • 35 cm2/s at max. resolution in x,y,z

Measurement Field

  • 11x11x11 mm3 for single shot measurement
  • Extended by moving the scanner or the object

Working Distance

  • Typ. 50 mm

Light source

  • LED, Xenon Lamp
Wide Field Collimator

This system was developed specifically for inline inspection of mobile phone cameras. It can be integrated into production lines and may also be used in stand-alone test setups. This new system is perfect for testing distortion, resolution and focus for a variety of different objective lenses with a focal length around 4 mm.

The collimator is adjusted to infinity and covers an object field of 68°. A special chessboard pattern is used for the standard reticle. Upon customer request it can be adjusted on demand to match the parameters to be checked.

An adjustable white light LED-illumination with 12...24V DC is integrated by default.

The system is available from stock in small quantities and can be modified to meet your specific demands.

Download data sheet

Special camera system for PCB assembly lines

Special Camera System for PCB-Assembly Lines (integrated system-including illumination, motion control & CCD-camera)

Super broad band system für wafer inspection

Set of objective lenses made from fused silica and calcium fluoride for application from UV to NIR.

Laser illumination system

Laser line generator for collimated laser line

Interferometer head

Interferometer head for stitching interferometry including piezo control & CCD-Camera (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt)

Scan lens for high performance barcode reader

Lens 3/195 For barcode readers in package services
Reads 0.1mm bars from a 3m distance


Laser Projection Lenses

Laser Projection Lenses for flight simulation systems

Wide Field Lens

Wide Field Objective Lens for Aerial Photography
(for German Aerospace Center DLR)

Star Sensor Objective Lenses

Star Sensor Objective Lenses for satellite navigation

Astronomics and R&D

Solar simulation system

This solar simulation system is a part of an aerospace simulation equipment. It can be used for simulation of radiation at spectral range between 0,2 and 2,5 micrometer. At testing plane the intensity of radiation can be adjusted from 0,5 bis 1,4kW/m². Main components are 7 xenon lamps, lens arrays consisting of 37 hexagonally edged single lenses and an Off-Axis parabolic mirror made of 127 single mirrors.
(for German Aerospace Center DLR)

Spectrometer Objective Lens VIRUS

Objective Lens Objective Lens for Multi Channel Spectrometer
(for Max Planck Institut für extraterrestrische Physik)

Spectrometer Objective Lens CAFE

CAFE objective lens for Calar Alto Fiber-fed Echelle Spectrograph http://www.caha.es/sanchez/cafe/

4 Channel Beam Splitter

4 Channel Beam Splitter assembly for high resolution scan system
(for German Aerospace Center DLR)

Fluorescence analysis

Optical system for fluorescence analysis system

complex optoelectronic system including camera and filter changer for fluorescence analysis.

Security and Defence

NIR-Objective Lens

NIR-Objective Lens for multi-spectral driver assist systems

Lens Set

Narrow Field of View, Medium Field of View and Wide Field of View lens set for fast target acquisition

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